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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

You Won't Ever Find Him Being Unfaithful..You Will Find Him..You'll Find Him Next To Me..

Dress - H&M
Clutch - River Island
Heels - New Look

Sorry about the very bad picture at the end but it's the only one with the full outfit! This was when i went out for my best mates birthday! The girl in picture two actual stunner and i love her like crazy! We went to Anaya i think lol my memory becomes so blurred when i get a few drinks in me...disadvantages of being a light weight. However i'm enjoying myself before getting down to studying which for some reason is failing me as my uni website isn't working for me. Kinda getting stressed out but then i'm not..I've decided to work in retail like everyday of Easter no harm in extra money for more clothes yaay!
How's everyones Easter going? Hope you're all well!!

S xx

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