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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Half A Rooms Like OI What's This All About..With The Other Half Jiving..

Jumper - Mango
Wet-Look Leggings - Vintage
Necklace - Forever 21

Had to go to my best friends dance show so chose something simple but decided to add heels to make it more of a evening look! i've kinda realised i always fail to show you guys my shoes lol but i have my camera skills to blame for that as the only way i can take outfit pictures is through my webcam!! I'll try and see if i can improve on this! But the main thing is my chunky thighs my belly is not visible thank the lord but i need to lose weight!! anybody have any tips!? lol i've kinda joined a fat camp but not being in leicester, where my gym is situated, for two weeks doesn't really help my situation :( Hopefully i'll stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise but i don't see this happening :(

S xx

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