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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

And She Bad, So Maybe She Won’t, Uh, But Sh*t Then Again Maybe She Will..

Top - Vintage
Maxi Skirt - Oasis
Belt - River Island

Ahh i haven't posted in a while i'm so sorry! But hopefully i'll be back with all my posting! I'm just working 6 days a week so nowadays i'm so tired i just want to sleep as soon as i get in! But it's all worth it as last week i bought my LOUIS!! I'll post a picture up soon of my baby! It makes me so happy i just need to look at it and i'll smile! I also have been on a mad shopping spree so i will hopefully soon post up all my buys or outfits of me wearing them. I'm becoming so lazy i'm sorry!! Everything's just a mess right about now but I'm going to uni soon so i can't wait DMU here i come yay.

S xx

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Why i should be chosen to be front row at the Look show??
Well there's a lot of reasons really! I am completely fashion obsessed! I love clothes. I love styles. I love trends. I love everything to do with anything to do with the Look show! I very unluckily did not get a chance to attend last year as i didn't get chosen for when i signed up to win tickets. Couldn't really get chosen by doing a piece on my blog as i didn't even have one then! I recently decided to start up a blog as i thought why not share my insights and my style to all the fellow blog readers! I was inspired myself by some truly amazing bloggerettes like Olivia - I've got a lust for life, Kavita - I heart vintage, Nadia - Frou Frou. These are just some of my favourites! I may have just started my blog and may not have many followers but i'm not losing hope, hopefully it shall soon become more known and people will see it as inspiration.
Back to why i should be chosen! I am a very loyal Look reader you are the only magazine which i have actually stuck by and you have helped me out with some very special buys! If you notice on most of pictures you can see pictures on the wall they're all inspirational cut outs from Look magazine! I also have kept most of my magazines for some of the hairstyle and make up help outs in hope to one day do them on myself so far i have been quite successful! I even read about last years look show just the other day and saw how amazing the models looked and hopefully i will be able to see it all in person! 

Hopefully you will consider me and choose me!!

S xx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Don't Tell Me You Can't Forgive Me, 'Cause Nobody's Perfect

Blouse - Oasis
Trousers - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Oasis

Ahh for some reason i do have quite the liking for Jessie J now she has definitely grown on me! Or maybe it's just this song but still <3 her. I randomly woke up on this day and decided to dress quite smart i just love wearing trousers they just make me feel i don't know what the word i ahh! Maybe its sophisticated i don't think it is it hasn't hit the spot in my mind. But still i'm sure you guys know what i mean!

Really would love it if you guys could follow me on bloglovin' or Google talk! Will have a give away in the next week!

S xx

Me, I Play The Keyhole Following The Plans

Top - Marks & Spencers
Shirt - Topshop
Leggings - Oasis

Nice little outfit just to go shopping in! I always like being comfortable cos otherwise i can't shop properly! Ah i'm just stressed out about all these riots happening in England! It hit my area yesterday and today as well. Actually sucks, i'm scared walking around in my area! Even my work closed early today as the west end was a hot spot. These people need to be stopped it's getting way out of hand. On a positive note i went a bit wild on buying jewellery so i have A LOT of new pieces to show you!

S xx

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Nothing Moves Me Anymore..

Completely asian. Thought i would show myself as the 'cultural girl' that i am

S xx

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind..

Dress (with belt) - Oasis

Ahh i really love this dress it's so flattering and the colour is just wow. At least i know when i wore it i didn't blur into the background. I got so many compliments when wearing it! Definitely not regretting this buy. Best thing about it is probably that it comes with a nice leopard print belt, sometimes when i buy things and it comes with a belt i always end up throwing the belt in the bin and putting my own but this i like. Also need to post up all my new jewellery i went a bit mental. So much for saving my money! OOPS.

S xx

Who Run The World? GIRLS

Jumper - Topshop
Dress (worn underneath) - Dorothy Perkins

Definitely a casual number! i woke up so late and didn't have time so i thought if i'm warm i'll take the jumper off and the dress is quite figure hugging so i won't look too simple. So for daytime i just added the jumper for some casualness and warmth! However after i ate i felt way too bloated so on came the jumper again!

S xx

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Real Is On The Rise

Top - Bershka
Skirt - H&M

Title's from the amazing new song from DRAKE<3 called headlines. Quite a simple outfit but i just love this skirt, actually i just love monochrome. Black and white i don't know i just feel as it stands out! I also love me pastels and my brights. Really i just love everything! Sorry for the delayed posting for some reason i've had the urge to be a workaholic and now i work 48 hours a week! so i'm always too tired to even stay on the laptop for too long! I have so many new outfits to post up! hopefully i'll do them all soon! Hows everyones summer going? Mine's just confused with this British schizophrenic weather.

S x